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When you’re exhausted and you know it

The last couple of years have seen several weak moments for my mind. From a B12 deficiency that caused year-round PMS in spurts to the endless rants and fights and tempers flying about being an adult about things like tile … Continue reading

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I don’t need period leave

So we have yet another raging debate, this time about period leave. And of course I have a take on it. Just that I can’t put it in a story for a website I write for on similar topics. Because … Continue reading

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Oh GOD, June!

With two more days to get to the end of what’s been an incredibly insane, AMAZING, maddening, awesome month, now is good time to reflect a little on all that’s been going on. First off, I spent all of 14 … Continue reading

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What is happening to me!?

Picture this – I work from home, without colleagues. R works from office, clocking in 12-13 hours a day (hell yeah, he is clearly changing the world). When he does get home, there is a lot of conversation, some comfortable silences, and … Continue reading

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On minimalism

I just finished watching this documentary called Minimalism. And I loved how it put into words all my random, incoherent thoughts on living light, my uneasiness with unconscious consumption and spending that I kept dismissing as some sort of mid life crisis. … Continue reading

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All that I learned by striking out on my own

This weekend, R and I complete a whole year of our relocation. And my entire digital presence is testimony to the crests and troughs I have had through this relocation madness. I am not going to repeat myself except just some closing … Continue reading

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More on going back to work

Because looks like I am not done yet. And no, it’s not just the blog that is suffering this sudden but hardly newfound diarrhoea of opinions, ideas, thoughts, and judgments. I have been talking INCESSANTLY! The husband, in one of … Continue reading

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