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I don’t need period leave

So we have yet another raging debate, this time about period leave. And of course I have a take on it. Just that I can’t put it in a story for a website I write for on similar topics. Because … Continue reading

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There is more to PR than make up. I thought you’d know but I don’t want to take chances.

I have been in public relations for almost three years now, and it has been a good run. Clients that usually respected a good idea, bosses that more often than not, gave me the freedom to follow my heart, teams … Continue reading

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Thank God I’m not Barkha Dutt

I change my statement about the media jungle. I am no longer giving Barkha Dutt the benefit of doubt. It is ironical that it took an NDTV “debate” in her defense that made my doubtful stand on the whole shitty … Continue reading

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Welcome to the jungle!

If all journalists were like Vir Sanghvi, PR would have been one always satisfying, always awesome profession to be in. And I would not have been in PR. No, I am not being self righteous here. Often I have desperate … Continue reading

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Catharsis and a few good things..

It amazes me how every time I am this close to losing my faith completely, there will always be someone who will make me believe this is not such a bad world after all. This time around, it’s my boss. … Continue reading

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Anger management

I lose my temper at the drop of a hat. If you have gone pandal hopping in Dussehra any time in your life, you would have seen at least one image of Durga that resembles me when I am angry. … Continue reading

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