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We’ll be ok

India. You know that place that infuriates me but I can’t stop loving it? Somewhere between the relocation madness that lasted longer than I imagined (and that is all me and my inability to not feel feel feel strongly strongly … Continue reading

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More from the “Social Media, WTF?” series

It has been a year since I got active again and started to get drowned in the noise of opinions and judgments on desi social media. I remember writing this in my first few months in KL, when I, for the first … Continue reading

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To making words matter

Working from home, in complete isolation for most part, allows me to get away from the unnecessary clutter of words around me, in meetings, by the coffee machine, in the lift, early in the morning. I have not been one for small … Continue reading

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Last night, after much humming and hawing and even more relentless ranting, I finally deactivated my Facebook and Twitter just to get away from the din for a bit and calm myself down. You know the turf wars of social … Continue reading

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Alive and Tweeting

Twitter on BB might just make me stop blogging completely. That, coupled with all the random thoughts that I can’t don’t hold long enough to blog about, is making me a serious Twitter addict. Blogger, are you listening? How does … Continue reading

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यहाँ इतना सन्नाटा क्यों है

From what I saw on Gadget Guru last night, there is a new mobile app called Pinch. Some new dimension in mobile social networking. It lets your “Pinch friends” track you so you never miss each other if you are … Continue reading

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Of blogging, social networking, censorship, and pseudo researchers

Liking comments? Who asked for it on Facebook I wonder. Just how lazy do they want our children to be? Or how lazy do they want to make us? Who gives them such idiotic ideas? I couldn’t stand the “uber … Continue reading

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