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We’re 9!

For nine years, I have waxed eloquent on this blog about how different R and I are and how beautifully this yin and yang works out. That’s been an ongoing theme of my wedded life, a life that I sometimes … Continue reading

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On sorely missing a 3 am friend

For most of last year, I often wondered why I haven’t had a 3 am friend for ages now. I mean I have friends I have managed to reconnect with and I talk to them pretty often but usually from … Continue reading

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I have to say something

For days on end, my currently actively-trigger-avoiding mind sort of blocked out the Kathua and Unnao news. I saw bits and pieces of it here and there, but something in my subconscious mind refused to comprehend it. But there is … Continue reading

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2017, you were badass!

For someone who writes for a living now, I sure haven’t done much documenting this last year. So many, many reasons for it. I will start with the first one. For the first time ever, I have had a truly … Continue reading

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Oh GOD, June!

With two more days to get to the end of what’s been an incredibly insane, AMAZING, maddening, awesome month, now is good time to reflect a little on all that’s been going on. First off, I spent all of 14 … Continue reading

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A little rain and a lot of mountains

No creativity there in the title. I just returned from the mountains and suddenly,  the rain came pouring down in Bangalore and now is a good time as any to write. Also because I am feeling inordinately upbeat about 2016 … Continue reading

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आज कुछ नया करते हैं

For a few months now, since the end of 2015 to be specific, there has been a pretty big shift in how I have been looking at life, work and career. Suddenly, I felt the goal posts were shifting in … Continue reading

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