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We’ll be ok

India. You know that place that infuriates me but I can’t stop loving it? Somewhere between the relocation madness that lasted longer than I imagined (and that is all me and my inability to not feel feel feel strongly strongly … Continue reading

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Last night, after much humming and hawing and even more relentless ranting, I finally deactivated my Facebook and Twitter just to get away from the din for a bit and calm myself down. You know the turf wars of social … Continue reading

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Disjointed thoughts

It’s one of those days. After a longish bout of flu and other routine madness, my brain’s finally on an overdrive. One that’s full of really random thoughts. Thoughts that are bordering on epiphanies but aren’t really there. For instance, … Continue reading

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The apparent end of Bangalore

Almost as if on cue, as soon as we landed in Bangalore, two things happened. First off, the weather became glorious, with afternoon showers, breezy evenings, and almost chilly 5:30 am’s. And two, suddenly the chatter about the liveability index¬†of … Continue reading

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We’re back..

Almost 24 hours later, I still can’t believe that I am in Bangalore again! Wearing jeans indoors, not even noticing that the fan (not AC) is not switched on, scared to go to the balcony at 5:30 am (my body … Continue reading

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A memory

The intensity of my “desh prem” was completely lost on me before we moved to Malaysia. I remembered this while doing the attention-national anthem thing a few minutes ago at the start of the India vs Pak. Our lowest “NRI … Continue reading

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I’ve got to say something now

Someone says women shouldn’t wear skirts, another says woman at home and men at work was the right social order that shouldn’t have been disturbed. Another moron walks by and blames Biharis. It also causes Bihar Vs Delhi, Delhi Vs … Continue reading

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