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I have to say something

For days on end, my currently actively-trigger-avoiding mind sort of blocked out the Kathua and Unnao news. I saw bits and pieces of it here and there, but something in my subconscious mind refused to comprehend it. But there is … Continue reading

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More from the “Social Media, WTF?” series

It has been a year since I got active again and started to get drowned in the noise of opinions and judgments on desi social media. I remember writing this in my first few months in KL, when I, for the first … Continue reading

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Last night, after much humming and hawing and even more relentless ranting, I finally deactivated my Facebook and Twitter just to get away from the din for a bit and calm myself down. You know the turf wars of social … Continue reading

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A more realistic update on Ghar Wapasi

So you know how I have been unbelievably positive and highly unlike my ranting self about this whole moving home episode? But slowly yet surely, my cultural blinkers drowned in cook-made mutton curry and wrapped in cook-maid perfect rotis are … Continue reading

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On having values and living by them

Honestly, I have not spent enough time in life thinking about intangible things like values, principles, and other things that need introspection these last few years. I am almost shallow like that. But fortunately, I have retained the ability to … Continue reading

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An average middle class Indian

There was a time when I used to have an opinion on everything unimportant and a fierce disdain for everything that wasn’t. Let’s see if that has changed. For the last few days, I have been inviting a lot of … Continue reading

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Wide eyed wonder

.. Or why I love doing what I do. I have been quite the cynic in the last couple of years. And cynicism does not go too well with my image, if you know what I mean :D I have … Continue reading

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