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That thing I rarely talk about now

In just five days, R and I will complete a whole eight years of marriage. Eight days into a month that we are going to mostly spend apart. EIGHT. YEARS. It has been a recurring theme in my mind of … Continue reading

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What is happening to me!?

Picture this – I work from home, without colleagues. R works from office, clocking in 12-13 hours a day (hell yeah, he is clearly changing the world). When he does get home, there is a lot of conversation, some comfortable silences, and … Continue reading

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On minimalism

I just finished watching this documentary called Minimalism. And I loved how it put into words all my random, incoherent thoughts on living light, my uneasiness with unconscious consumption and spending that I kept dismissing as some sort of mid life crisis. … Continue reading

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A little rain and a lot of mountains

No creativity there in the title. I just returned from the mountains and suddenly,  the rain came pouring down in Bangalore and now is a good time as any to write. Also because I am feeling inordinately upbeat about 2016 … Continue reading

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A more realistic update on Ghar Wapasi

So you know how I have been unbelievably positive and highly unlike my ranting self about this whole moving home episode? But slowly yet surely, my cultural blinkers drowned in cook-made mutton curry and wrapped in cook-maid perfect rotis are … Continue reading

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Wide eyed wonder of a 30+ full time employee, part time wanderer

So the world and its third cousin knows that my sabbatical got over as quickly as it started – at least in my head. Four months of unadulterated freedom but the financial kind (unless you count depleting savings as financial independence) but … Continue reading

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Life in the chronology of Bollywood actresses – you start off idolising them (Kajol), you identify with them (age wise, Priyanka Chopra) and then suddenly they are all younger (and often unidentifiable). Bollywood actors? You go from wanting to marry them … Continue reading

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