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To making words matter

Working from home, in complete isolation for most part, allows me to get away fromĀ the unnecessary clutter of words around me, in meetings, by the coffee machine, in the lift, early in the morning. I have notĀ been one for small … Continue reading

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Kicking around on a piece of ground

2 days ago I completed 8 years of blogging. And I forgot! It is not that I don’t have anything to say. Oh I have. I have rants and celebrations, I have this marriage that is coming of age. I … Continue reading

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Get off your bloody high horse

So I am pretty pissed off with a blogger and her high horse, and since she has decided to shut comments for another slimey blog post she wrote (she claims it’s the lack of time, I say it is because … Continue reading

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Alive and Tweeting

Twitter on BB might just make me stop blogging completely. That, coupled with all the random thoughts that I can’t don’t hold long enough to blog about, is making me a serious Twitter addict. Blogger, are you listening? How does … Continue reading

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We have come a long way, baby!

*drumrolls* 7 years of writing random nothings. 7 years of fetishes, failures, heartbreaks, and eyesores. Of engineering graphics, exam blues, men and friends, hangovers, night outs, complete-lack-of-social-life, first job, bosses, clients, family, unbelievably stupid arranged marriage matches, and then that … Continue reading

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Out of the closet

The blabbermouth that I am, I have mentioned this blog at least 200 million times while talking to Dad. And the smartie that he is, he pretended he did not notice. I realised only yesterday that my father actually reads … Continue reading

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The Google Story

I have been meaning to do this for a while now. I am in a horrible mood and my new sunshine yellow kurta isn’t helping right now, with PMS doing its bit and all. So don’t expect a masterpiece. Ah … Continue reading

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