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Healing – a day at a time

There is a lot I want to write about Spiti, about living in apartment society and much else. But haven’t been able to find time. But this one, I really want to put down for posterity. Today, for the first … Continue reading

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We’re 9!

For nine years, I have waxed eloquent on this blog about how different R and I are and how beautifully this yin and yang works out. That’s been an ongoing theme of my wedded life, a life that I sometimes … Continue reading

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On sorely missing a 3 am friend

For most of last year, I often wondered why I haven’t had a 3 am friend for ages now. I mean I have friends I have managed to reconnect with and I talk to them pretty often but usually from … Continue reading

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Almost scared. Almost.

Like I said, I have spent the last two years in a bit of a limbo, a state of confusion, disappointment, anxiety worry hanging in the air all the time. And now that I have some perspective, I am almost afraid. … Continue reading

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Coming back to life

After almost two years of being angry about being disappointed and anxious about potential disappointments (very Mark Manson style), my head suddenly feels lighter.. Like my perspective is coming back. And one such perspective is that disappointment (or the fear … Continue reading

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I have to say something

For days on end, my currently actively-trigger-avoiding mind sort of blocked out the Kathua and Unnao news. I saw bits and pieces of it here and there, but something in my subconscious mind refused to comprehend it. But there is … Continue reading

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When you’re exhausted and you know it

The last couple of years have seen several weak moments for my mind. From a B12 deficiency that caused year-round PMS in spurts to the endless rants and fights and tempers flying about being an adult about things like tile … Continue reading

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