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2017, you were badass!

For someone who writes for a living now, I sure haven’t done much documenting this last year. So many, many reasons for it. I will start with the first one. For the first time ever, I have had a truly … Continue reading

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Second coming.

Fear is such a common, common thing. I am probably stupid but I find it hard to wrap my head around this one emotion. I did, for a while. But the foolish bravery has returned after a whole year, almost. … Continue reading

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I don’t need period leave

So we have yet another raging debate, this time about period leave. And of course I have a take on it. Just that I can’t put it in a story for a website I write for on similar topics. Because … Continue reading

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Black Mirror

Remember how peaceful life was before WhatsApp forwards and Twitter hate? You gave too much tech to a bunch of explosive, over sensitive, emotive fools and look what happened. Now with the likes of home pods, I don’t know where … Continue reading

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Oh GOD, June!

With two more days to get to the end of what’s been an incredibly insane, AMAZING, maddening, awesome month, now is good time to reflect a little on all that’s been going on. First off, I spent all of 14 … Continue reading

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That thing I rarely talk about now

In just five days, R and I will complete a whole eight years of marriage. Eight days into a month that we are going to mostly spend apart. EIGHT. YEARS. It has been a recurring theme in my mind of … Continue reading

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What is happening to me!?

Picture¬†this – I work from home, without colleagues. R¬†works from office, clocking in 12-13 hours a day (hell yeah, he is clearly changing the world). When he does get home, there is a lot of conversation, some comfortable silences, and … Continue reading

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