2017 update: A storyteller at heart. Sometimes wondering. Often wandering.

Yes, kind of gave up on ordinariness again :p

2014 update: Read, travel, work. Cook, eat, love. An ordinary life.

The rest that follows? Delusions of grandeur from an extended quarter life crisis, albeit one that had its moments of brilliance ;)

Cynic and believer rolled into one. Wanderer in love with Floyd and Gulzar. Surprisingly awesome wife with recent and frequent displays of awesome-sister/ daughter tendencies. Not your regular best friend material. Flipkart loyal, Mango lover.  Could kill for books.  Sometimes obsessive. Often couldn’t care less. Full of contradictions. And now, lost for words.

I am not a woman of few words.

I am weird.

… Are the things I say when I fill the “About Me” section in Facebook/ Twitter/ Blogger/ My head/ Whatitsname registration forms.

I like to think I am different. I like to fit in too. I either have extremely strong opinion on people/ things. Or I have none at all. My opinions are bound to change. I have hard and fast rules about everything. The only that remains constant about them is the “hard and fast” bit.

I am choc a bloc of contradictions. I seem non judgmental a lot of times. But I am not. I seem judgmental a lot of times. But that too I am not. It totally depends on the person/thing/place in question. I guess that does make me judgmental.

I can be short tempered.  A lot of people I get angry with hardly ever see it. Those that I never get angry with, are the ones who bear the brunt of my temper.

I have lived in 4 5 cities in my entire life – Patna, Pune, Bombay, Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur. Every city has had its innate effect on me and has made me who I am. Pune made me a foodie. Its university made me realise there’s more to life than those bulky books they sold in ABC. Bombay gave me an intense need to love my work, so much that I get restless with little or no work. It also made me efficient, considering the real definition of efficiency is the amount of work you get done in x amount of time. I can never explain in words what I feel for Bombay. It played a role that would shape everything I do for the rest of my life. I love Bombay. Bangalore is, slowly and steadily, teaching taught me how to really enjoy the good things in life. And very slowly, it grew on me too. Kuala Lumpur – it is too soon to say what KL will teach me. Self sufficiency will most certainly be one of them.  I love Calcutta. I have beautiful memories of the place. Christmas, durga puja, lots of gifts, Flury’s, Park Street, Oxford. Beautiful memories. But at heart I will always be a small town girl. The girl from Patna. I am in awe of cities. All of them. One day I want to write a book about them (and more). I don’t know what ABOUT cities I will end up writing. But I know cities it will be.

Not one thing remains constant in my life. The kind of books I like, the kind of music I like, the kind of life I want to live, my ambitions, my aspirations, not even the kind of people I like!

I studied engineering once upon a time. No, it wasn’t all that long ago. By profession, I am everything but that – an engineer. Technology and I don’t mix much. Obsessive social networking not withstanding.

Obsessive compulsive at whatever catches my fancy. Writing, movies, work, TV, music, cooking, love. The intensity of my stage fright is unbelievable. Ironically, I love being the center of attention if it does not involve being on the stage.

I like to think I am well travelled. The truth is I haven’t even seen 5% of the world. But I have 50 more years to live. I hope. Anything less than that won’t be enough.

I used to think I was wild. The world (as I knew it then) thought I was too much of it to eversettle down. They meant “too wild to get married”. I did. Get married that is. Settling down will never really happen. That said, I love being married. My husband, R. I think marrying him was the smartest thing I ever did (errr.. I didn’t want to be sappy!). Because he doesn’t think settling down is all there is to life either. And yet, I want to have kids. I want a home full of them! I want to write that elusive book. I want to do a lot of things with my life. Settling down isn’t one of them.

The order of tabs in my browser is the only organized thing in my life, apart from the husband. I have some formula (I am not sure what it is) that I ALWAYS follow. This must be the strangest form of OCD I have ever heard about.

Bangalore thinks I have too much energy. Bombay makes me feel I am lazy. What I am is not about my perception. I don’t have one when I talk of myself. If I do, it changes by the hour :) What I am is how much I have adapted and how much I have resisted the effect of the world around me. Because I think nobody can really live isolated from these effects. But what makes people different from each other is their own willingness to adapt/ resist. But doesn’t that make people and culture a typical case of chicken and eggs?

I am capable of love. A lot of it. I like to show it too.

I am capable of intense dislike (My 2010 resolution wass to never use the word “hate”, I never mean it anyway). I like to show it too.

Who am I, you ask? I wish I had a clue! But what I do know is that I am a Work In Progress. What I am rambling here, is too.

That said, I quite like myself. Just stating the obvious.

Disclaimer: Everything posted on this blog is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of my employer or its clients.


One Response to WIP

  1. I love your writing! Your rundown on bots and customer service needed to be said. I am a longtime software developer who would love to talk with you further about the future of chatbots and human/computer interaction.


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