A little rain and a lot of mountains

No creativity there in the title. I just returned from the mountains and suddenly,  the rain came pouring down in Bangalore and now is a good time as any to write. Also because I am feeling inordinately upbeat about 2016 as opposed to how things were, the last time I blogged.

This year has truly been overwhelming. So much that I have a year end blog post that started at some point last month and I am not even close to done. When you spend a whole year transitioning between homes and states of mind after almost half a decade of cold stillness (because that is what it seems like, in retrospect), being uncharacteristically overwhelmed is only natural. And that is pretty much what defined the year for me. But more on that later.

For now, I am just thankful. Grateful for all that this year has been, all the lessons, the perspectives, the change, the travels, the newfound ability to see and hear the other side when I could and clamp down when it became unproductive – all of that. The mountains sealed it for me, in their own freezing, quiet, adventurous, gorgeous way.

In the unusual quiet that I found in immense movement these last few days, I have had that one perfect moment. The one that told me that 2016 was meant to lead me here. To this specific place in the world and this specific space in my head. Details may or may not follow but for now, I will leave you with a picture that, at least in my head, says everything my words won’t let me. The sun is shining, the road wide open if just a little hard, and I think I am on to something. And just like that, I am ok :)

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