It’s been a chaotic few days..

But life still came a full circle in a way only it can. 7 years ago, R and I were in Coorg the same weekend – our first real road trip below the Vindhyas, CCD breaks and all. In a coffee estate with spice plantations. It was a time when I was more amazed by the fact that pepper is green before it gets all dark wrinkly than the wonders it does to mutton curry. I thought that made me “not really wife material”. It was a time I was not really serious about anything. Life plans, big decisions, career, life choices, trade offs. I hadn’t had a grip on my emotions for a day in my life, and I had never tried.

I was foolhardy. Made life decisions in ways that made adults scoff or cringe. “Umm, another degree? God, no. I can’t stand books anymore.” Or “Marriage? Mann lag gaya toh kar lenge..”

Those were simpler times. I knew none of the duniyadaari. Didn’t know I needed to. And often lived in a parallel universe. The world and I thought the other was batshit crazy.

7 years down, glad things changed. And glad they didn’t, really :) Go figure.

In short, we are in Coorg again. Max chilling happening. It’s exactly how it was supposed to be. Green, quiet, peaceful. Happy.

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