More on going back to work

Because looks like I am not done yet. And no, it’s not just the blog that is suffering this sudden but hardly newfound diarrhoea of opinions, ideas, thoughts, and judgments. I have been talking INCESSANTLY! The husband, in one of his inordinately cute moments, said “good to have YOU back”. Because really, I was not being myself the last few weeks that I wasn’t working. This everyday excitement, small wins, and insignificant heartburns of a job you can’t stop loving unconditionally. It really, really does make me feel alive, cliched as it sounds.

There are many things about myself I have come to accept wholeheartedly in the last few years. The colour of my skin, the number on the weighing machine, the scars, the dry patches, the ability to feel unnecessarily strongly about seemingly unnecessary “stuff” and the complete inability to be appropriately over-dressed for occasions that demand it, to name a few.

Every time I stop to read or reminisce everything I have felt about what I do, the unbearable amounts of excitement every time I started somewhere new, the overcoming of challenges as someone who, for all practical purposes, is a bit of a misfit in this industry but someone who loves and enjoys it anyway, I realise there is a pattern. I’ve got to accept, and not just say I have accepted, the fact that I am a mediocre 9 to 9 er with no bigger purpose than to have a blast doing what I do, heartburns and everything, and using up vacation days to make up for the killer excitement I fill my my non-vacation days with. It’s a life that reflects my own choices – and that alone makes it a good, good life. I must remember that.

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