An open letter to Malaysia that just had to be written

Dear Malaysia and Malaysians,

Just like that, we’ve arrived at the finish line. And I have something (a lot) to say before I leave.

Despite some fundamental differences in our general approach to life, thank you for being so unequivocally accepting of my eccentricities and in the process, me!

For showing me that being characteristically “jumpy” about everything big and small was a waste of time. 

When your home, your career, hell even your identity are based on pieces of paper that meant nothing to you before, you either learn to let go of your typical Type A behaviour or you lose your mind. I did the second one a whole lot before I got to the letting go part. But eventually, I did!

Thank you for teaching me that when you chill the F out, good things happen.

My vocabulary is too limited to replace the awesomeness of la, kiasu, cantik and many such words I picked up from you. And the unmentionable ones that you picked up from me :) 

For showing me that Google Translate, when used correctly, lets a Hindi and English speaking North Indian give “sound advice” on Mandarin content ;) And that Google Translate also gives you cleaner kitchen drawers! 

Thank you for teaching me more self sufficiency in the kitchen than I ever hoped to learn. Biryani and saalan and all!

And for your absolutely wonderful Tony Fernandes, his airline, and the wonderful South East Asia trails. 

But most of all, thank you for being a gorgeous home for over four years and for the many balcony wonders. 

For being nice to me in a way that only you can. For friends for life, Sunday BLRs and Tiger. 

And for giving me new festivals to celebrate and spread cheer wherever I live. 

Balik kampung for now, to indulge in that characteristic, chaotic desi “anokhapan”. It’s also time to ask the maddening self sufficiency to go take a walk for a while..
But I hope that I hold on, with all I have, to the Malaysian in me. It has done me a world of good 😘


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