A memory

The intensity of my “desh prem” was completely lost on me before we moved to Malaysia. I remembered this while doing the attention-national anthem thing a few minutes ago at the start of the India vs Pak. Our lowest “NRI moment” was when a movie played the national anthem as part of the script and because there were no other Indians in the theatre at the time, nobody sprung to attention. We did, but only after much deliberation. In itself, it was a small episode. But for us, it seemed huge.

I am the kind of Indian who gets goosebumps during the national anthem. Every. Single. Time. I really, really did not know the intensity of my love for the motherland till a few years ago. And that is why, while the Bombay stint may have been cut short, I can’t get over the fact that we are FINALLY moving back to India. It feels like homecoming. It is homecoming. For better or for worse, home’s home’s home.

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