Thoughts on my funemployment 

To a lot of people I know, my funemployment came as a bit of a surprise. Why? Well for one, I have no kids so obviously I have no immediate bigger purpose than my agency slavery. Two, I do appear to enjoy my work – a LOT. 

And I will have to agree, I don’t have a bigger purpose or calling in this break of sorts except just wanting to do things at my own pace, evaluating my life and career choices, spending more time with family instead of chasing deadlines, and pretentious as it may sound, opting out for a bit to see where it takes me. Also, there is a bit of a difference between enjoying the quintessential agency life madness at the cost of putting important life decisions on hold, and loving your work. I like what I do, true. But not in a consummate, blinding sort of way. And if I did, it was time to change that because I recognised the sheer number of hours I spent complaining about the shenanigans that come with being at this specific point of my career. And it’s just not me to not make a radical change to change that. And that’s what the plan is. To make this radical change and gain more perspective on whether I loved the job enough to go back and live with the shenanigans, or do I love it enough to continue to do it but in a different set up. Or, and of course there is a third option, do I want something entirely different out of my work, something I should have done a long time ago? Something that I stopped thinking about almost as soon as I moved to KL, thanks to the frenzy of work and life and pursuing necessities and interests in a place where your support system is not quite it used to be in India.

Moving on, because one week into the break, it’s hardly the time to delve into reasons now. Yes, it’s been a week plus one day already and it has been amazing. Two months ago, even I didn’t know funemployment could be THIS much fun! Right from (OCD alert) doing things around the house exactly how I want them done to all the time in the world to go on long walks, cook and eat the cleanest food we have in years, chill, think, and write. Every day brings new possibilities and this lifestyle totally appeals to the wanderer in me. I don’t think I am speaking too soon because my impatience is a legend in its own right. If I was going to get bored, I’d be shooting expletives by now! But I need to remember that things change, and with me they change faster than you can even say the word. So I won’t count on it.. ;) But for now, after many months of frantic soul searching and wandering into places I didn’t know if I wanted to be, that elusive peaceful easy feeling is here again. And whether or not any radical change comes out of this break, this little bit of peace is worth the temporary trade offs. It had been a while..

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2 Responses to Thoughts on my funemployment 

  1. hydedwardHyde says:

    I have often wondered how it would be to take a long break and do what I want to do.

    Then I recall the number of times I have taken a week off only to feel bored at the end of 5 days.



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