On all the shit I don’t give

R recently told me, when discussing something on the lines of banging into walls or banging the car door too hard, that I don’t really give a shit. It wasn’t criticism, just an accurate observation articulated matter of factly in a passing conment, like only R can.

And he is right. I really, really don’t give a shit. Some of the biggest decisions in my life have been made in a somewhat grey area between caring too much and not caring two hoots. That’s the grey area I live in. It makes me do weird things, say things that might be somewhat unacceptable. And I like this grey spot. It’s all mine.

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2 Responses to On all the shit I don’t give

  1. I envy you. I wish I were the kind who really didn’t give a shit. I mean, I like showing like I don’t, but somewhere, I do. And it sucks. The grey area’s the best.


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