Europe trails – 2, A hippie cabbie in Berlin

On the way to Berlin station, we came across a very interesting cabbie. The German dude, easily 50, got hooked on to alternative lifestyle, lived in communes across Eastern and Western Europe, traveled to India for months at a stretch in the great 70s and 80s, lived in Goa and Osho’s Pune, bought himself a Kinetic for highway tripping and loves Royal Enfield. He has known friends who ended up in Pune asylum because they were not prepared for elements of alternative lifestyle and the sexual freedom of communes.

The guy still has the 70s hangover and is amazed by how much the world has changed around him. His own capital city surprises him! He sounded like he wanted a time machine too, like the street musician in Prague.

And me? 1. I wouldn’t mind a guided tour of the 70s but with a return ticket, 2. I was amazed at the parallels the cabbie had with Steve Jobs’ backstory and how eventually, it’s always little bit about “kismet”, 3. Being an average joe who didn’t have the heart and stomach for the insides of Osho Ashram despite many trips to KP, wasn’t such a bad thing after all ;)

PS: Cheat post, will get to the travelogue at some point (I hope).

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One Response to Europe trails – 2, A hippie cabbie in Berlin

  1. S says:

    Loving the mini musings! Waiting for the bigger post :)


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