Hey you!

Do you know that some Saturday nights, the rain coming down on us crazy, when you tell me “balcony chalo”, switching from Foo Fighters to Kishore Kumar, I STILL can’t believe my luck?

Some nights, some dreams accomplished, some we still strive for, I wonder what I did to deserve you.

Some nights, we wonder, together, if we are stupid to feel like we were fuller, more complete in our Bangalore days, when that weedy high hung on us. And then we quickly switch to long, elaborate plans to live fuller, more complete lives, trading experience for slick bank balances. And I wonder if I am a bad influence. If those recent photos doing the rounds on whatsapp are anything to go by, I was always wild kid. Thank you, for never letting social conditioning come in the way of a full life. Not for you and not for me.

I couldn’t have been in better company. Nor you ;) Thank you dude, for this and more.

Much, much more.

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