I am not God, no. A gentle reminder.

Living away from family comes with its own set omfgiwanttoscreamNOW moments. Really. Like dealing with morons, finding the perfect balance, withdrawal of sorts and trying hard to not lose my head at the risk of getting deported, spending a whole quarter with some good wifi and the pursuit of money-earning and other first world problems so I can get to the travel part, is not enough, I want to sit in another country and control the destiny of assorted loved ones. No, not control their destiny as in make them do things that they don’t want to. Instead, I don’t want them to go through the process of aging, of quarter life crisis, of social life nonsense. If there are problems, minor, few and far between as they might be (touchwood), I start to cringe and lose sleep and constantly wonder how I can solve it.

I know. I know. Everyone has their share of struggles. There isn’t much I can do except just being there to listen. I know that. But that doesn’t stop me from losing my head anyway.

Sigh. Living far away and managing travel with family vacations in the limited vacation days I have, comes with an unbelievable amount of baggage. But the good thing is that the assorted loved ones are a few weeks away from visiting us. That is sure to bring some sunshine, some good times, and lots of love and laughter. What would I not do to fast forward?

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