I am here to write.

And write I will.

I spent the last couple of months really wanting to get to the damn blog and just type. And type. And then some. But for some reason, the creative juices wouldn’t flow and forming coherent sentences wasn’t coming easily. So I avoided force-feeding incoherent psychobabble to a non-existing audience.

And then, I remembered, by stroke of luck or some random sly tweet, how I started blogging. I spent some slow days reading blog posts from the time I had just started discovering the wonderful place that was the internet (YES, those archives exist!) and wondered why anybody ever read me! You know why? Because at that point, it didn’t matter. You could be a 20 something clueless college kid or 35 year old mother of two. A lost soul in fish bowl with some skills in point and shoot or just someone who rhymed enough to call himself a poet. But it was a different era on the internet. People were really, really nice. They egged each other on, encouraging them to write, take photos, cook some more, or just engage with like minded people. Or learn to live with those you had nothing in common with without jumping at their throats. It was a welcome change from an offline world that was still rather conservative and super judgmental. At the time, it didn’t matter if you were “fucking awesome” at whatever you wanted to share. What mattered was you shared. You wrote. You cooked. You clicked photos. And you had an audience that knew how to give feedback that wasn’t in the form of a sly tweet or a mean comment.

But boy the internet has changed since social media became a full time profession and writers started making their blogs a portfolio of sorts.  Suddenly, pissing all over other people is the new cool because how else are you going to prove you’re better than them?

I don’t want to generalise but some of these new breed of “I am also an influencer” people are really, really mean. There seems to be a lot of shit they can’t deal with at the workplace so they quit and become full time “influencers”. And then, they just seem to mirror all the crappy workplace behaviour on social media instead. Everything is extremely unprofessional. Everything except ranting about work and clients on social media. Everybody is a social media upstart except them and there are coteries and they follow-unfollow, agree-disagree, and gang up together. Erm, classic workplace politics anyone?

People share things on the internet for different reasons, different audience. Sometimes, they just do it because. Just that. It’s not a full time profession, not something to kill time with on boring afternoons, not something that will help them win the next assignment. It’s just another form of expression and it doesn’t matter how “awesome” they are at it. If you have nothing nice to say, it’s always good to remember what your mum said about silence.

The last thing that social media/ blogs needed was to mirror the elitism, politics of friendships, and just rude, crappy behaviour of the offline world. But it does now. It’s a slow death of a medium of expression we knew in the early 2000s. And that’s really sad.

But does that mean I am getting off it? Hell no, I love the internet for all the information and the platforms it gives to different people who have different things to share – and it’s not a movie that you buy tickets for. You can switch off and move on. It gives you the freedom to ignore what you don’t like.

It may look more and more like the offline world but I have been taught well to take a deep breath and let things go and then focus on the positives. And that’s exactly what I am going to do here too. Yes.

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2 Responses to I am here to write.

  1. vp says:

    I agree so much with this!

    This fear of not being “fucking awesome” has almost got me paralyzed and makes me very wary of sharing anything online at all.

    Nevertheless, you do write really well and I am happy to see you blogging again!


  2. Hi there VP – Glad you agree. But don’t let a few meanies come in the way of using the platform the way you want to. Not everybody is here to be an “influencer” so not point getting absorbed in the politics of influence. Just write and move on.

    Do you blog?


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