On having values and living by them

Honestly, I have not spent enough time in life thinking about intangible things like values, principles, and other things that need introspection these last few years. I am almost shallow like that. But fortunately, I have retained the ability to draw inspiration from the strangest sources.

For example, I was watching this Dhoni interview a while ago. Oh yes, totka-believing, cricket(er) loving is back as it usually is every few years. So he mentioned that having some principles in life makes lofe easier. What a simple thought really. For me, convenience usually trumps everything. And I realized that while values and principles seem like rather complicated, “too-much” things when you are going through the rigmarole of everyday life, the one purpose they really do serve is making choice easier. Choosing your battles, choosing your move, choosing the people you hang out with (or don’t). Everything just becomes easier when you know your values. Because much as you might think you believe in things like transparency, without a solid foundation of values, it’s just a force fed delusion of sorts.

At long last, almost a decade actually, I am back to believing that shades of grey are overrated. Life is usually black and white. Often subjective, yes. But makes one’s choices easier. On the wrong side of 30, I may choose to pick my battles but at the end of the day, I will continue to stand by what I believe is right and fair. With no notions of righteousness but a strong sense of values that I was brought up with. Not everything can be attributed to “culture” and fortunately, I know that at long last. Without that, I am just as spineless as those that I have branded, unknowingly and often.

If that causes heartburn, I can live with it. What’s life without a bit of that inconvenience?

Peace out. Or not.

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