Facebook-less February..

.. And hopefully, beyond.

If I decided to count just how many hours I have wasted in the blackhole that is the Facebook feed, I swear I will have many regrets about how I could have used that time better. Instead of that, I am going to start now. Use that time for more productive things or even nothingness.

If you knew me, you’d know how much I love social media. Really. But Facebook seems to have lost its purpose. I was just talking to someone om phone the other day (yes, imagine!) and I realized that what started off as a way to keep in touch has just become an excuse to not just pick up the phone or actually go see someone. The nostalgia, the “wow, it’s been long”, “so WHAT IS UP WITH YOU!?” are such underrated ideas now.. I recently reconnected with a long lost friend and we somehow never got on to each other’s Facebook lists. So talking to her is an exercise in some real nostalgia and discovery and it’s such a refreshing change!

Then of course there is Upworthy and 400 other pages I have liked in the last 7 years of evolving. Really, do I want to know every time Dastkar puts up a mela in New Delhi and cry over my rotten luck that I am too far away? Turns out, I do. So my feeds are full of random posts that can sometimes be useful and sometimes just a lot of clutter as I scroll and scroll and scroll and eventully just become text blind and exhausted.

Not like facebok takes away from my general quality of life (or it does but I just don’t know it yet). It is a great place to find interesting content that people like me, enjoyed. But it really is like finding a needle in a haystack. And the content is so easily available that I seem to miss out on stuff that didn’t get shared there! If you know my sheer capacity of consuming and creating content and just how much I enjoy it, you’d know I am not doing myself any favours by just taking what is being dished out and writing Facebook updates like they are a blog.

Instagram is still serving its purpose – the general feel good. Twitter, because news. Blog, well because. Facebook on the other hand..

Mind you, this is not an Internet sabbath. I LOVE the internet. But I could do with being a little selective in how I use it. Much like what I am trying to do with the rest of my life. Remember the 2015 resolution?.

Hopefully I will see WordPress a lot more now? Time will tell.

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