New year, new me, no sir

More like old, old me. Just last night, I was thinking about a time many years ago when I listened to new music everyday. You heard that right. Nothing that sounded nice was out of the radar. Death metal, uber classical Raincoat soundtrack, grunge, pop, Floyd – nothing was beyond the playlist. I was judgmental about music too, yes. Some I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. Most of it was music that was more easily available. The kind that did not need walk down dark alleys of pirated western music CDs, aimless browsing at Planet M, or trading hard disks with people who had better access to the jammer boys in college. But as conditioning would have it, I convinced myself over time that I was indeed a little pretentious. I mean really, how can you NOT like radio music. I uncomplicated to the point of Radio Mirchi on loop at one point. Opened myself to a whole other world of music. And then convenience trumped everything and I listened to anything that played. A little bit of that NRI nostalgia happened and a lot of crap Bollywood music became a regular thing because hello,  India. Now while I have managed to retain the good sense to not rant about Indian dust and traffic and in wanting to retain my desi-ness, I seem to have lost a lot of my taste in real music. But it still comes with stolen musical Friday nights, Adele on loop, no crap music on iPod. It helps that the only other adult I willingly share my entertainment time with, isn’t as willing to give in to convenience as I am.

Or even movies. The entertainment that perhaps I explored at a time when I was probably a wannabe (or I was evolving and more open) but I really did enjoy. I lost a lot of my good judgment and discerning taste because the only thing that I did NOT want to be was pretentious. Recently, we were having this conversation about showing off. And I realized in wanting to be non-pretentious, I often cross the line. I might have become a little apologetic about who I am – and that’s not something I want to live with.

I wanted to uncomplicate but I seem to have complicated simple things like music, movies, books more than I needed to. So 2015 is going to be the year of going back to basics. Even if it seems more complicated. A new song everyday, a good movie every week, a good book a month, a new place a quarter. Dressing like a grown up. Evolving a little, in a way I did in the early 20s. That process should never stop even if it does slow down a little. Convenience shouldn’t trump everything. Having discerning taste in entertainment does not make me less desi or more pretentious. It makes me bored. So yeah, 2015 will be about uncomplicating in a different way.

With that, happy new year folks!

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