Why I’ll brave heat and rain for you

Dear Axl Rose and dear, dear GNR. I’ve been told that I will be disillusioned after I see you live. But I cannot miss you. Because you sang Don’t Cry back in the days. And then you got me through psychos, exams, failures, good times, morons, maniacs, and Mondays, with Patience, Paradise City, November Rain, and Welcome To The Jungle. And so much more. You still do. There was always Sweet Child .. for the overgrown child in me. I don’t care if you go off key, get to the stage late, and are drunk or stoned. Because You, GNR and Axl Rose (and your friends from back in the days) are not just a band. Neither for the young and stupid me nor for the new, awesome me.

And that is why, Bring. It. I’ll be watching you.

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