On being social

In the past, I’ve ranted a great deal about the flimsy, flakey, dangling conversations on Facebook. I thought it was strange that so many people all over the world had such amazing things happening to them CONSTANTLY. That so many lives are the stuff that legends are made of. That was my opinion a few years ago. I was a social media junkie then, and I still am. Don’t let that fool you into believing that this is a biased opinion. This is an observation, at best. Most people I usually have happy updates on Facebook because when there is a one off angsty status update, I suddenly notice a neighbour’s third cousin emerge from the dark alley of stalker junta on Facebook. With an inane comment. Usually in bad grammar. That. Just. Doesn’t help. Ironically these are the same people who rarely have anything to say about any of your other updates – happy, opinionated, general life updates or observations. You know how they I say that some relationships thrive on your bad times not because the people in question are bad but because they just like the sound of their own voice far too much. Facebook proves theory over and over again. I am not complaining. Who doesn’t like to be proved right?

And then there is this other kind of being social. That deserves a full blown post of its own. But for now I’ll just say that suddenly I like spending time with and getting to know like-minded women (the operative word is like-minded). For the first time in my life. As haathi put it a few days ago, it probably has to do with age. I am not complaining. Spirited women make the best company ever.

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3 Responses to On being social

  1. hAAthi says:

    Do you also feel yourself connecting with spirited women as quickly as you are shedding away your “BFFs” from a lifetime?
    THAT is the scary bit for me :O


    • Tamanna Mishra says:

      Haha! You’ll be surprised that I’ve been “dropping BFFs since 2007” :p It doesn’t scare me anymore. I outgrew them and couldn’t keep up to the pressures of “loyal friendships”


      • hAAthi says:

        Oh story of my life. I havent had a BFF longer than a couple of years at a time..EVER. Outgrowing and dropping them seems to come naturally now :P its the suddenly reconnecting with a newer set of people, people I otherwise wouldnt befriend as easily, that I find eerie. Its like discovering a new side to myself that I didnt know existed..


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