Hangover is a good thing

What a mad, surprising start of the year this has been! I have realized that some superstitions are worth having. For instance, I have observed the trend that when I start the year completely hung over, the rest of the year is usually awesome. How, you ask? Ok, so my delicate ecosystem of Apple all around was complete this birthday. I also broke my iPhone and the folks at Apple offered to replace it for a measly amount of money. Carelessness is highly recommended. You know how they say (and I believe) that you should love the simple things in life? Like chai, hills, music, simplicity. Ok, so I have seen few things in life that are really as simple and uncomplicated as Steve Jobs’ masterpieces and the new house that we moved into a couple of days ago. It’s mostly white and black. Enough wall space for the Floyd poster, just enough room and a lot of potential for bits of colour thrown in. Outside, there are hills. An old worldly market just downstairs that has everything you possibly need around in a country where there is no home delivery and no home salons. The Petronas are only as far away as you want the good, bright, flashy, but sometimes blinding and complicated big city lights.

There is something I usually end up “spinning” (how I hate that word!) in my press releases – the coming together of modern and old worldly. This house is EXACTLY like that. Exactly the way I like it.

And to make things better, this birthday was when my husband suddenly turned over a new leaf. would have known that my overtly rational, left brained husband could have a bit of right brain too.

So yes, I am going to start all my years totally hungover. It works wonders.

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