New year, new beginnings

I love how year ends bring so much perspective. 2012 was by far the most happening year of my whole life. Yes, a tad more than 2009 because marriage just saw me move from one city to another. I was still the same person. In 2012, I discovered more about myself than I thought was possible. I discovered an endless amount of patience, a spirit that is positive more often than not. I discovered resilience, a can-do attitude, the ability to focus on the positives. When I am not PMSing at least.

I discovered that most of what matters to be at the fag end of a Friday is not the important stuff. I crib, I cry, but in my heart I still know what is important.

I discovered a rather conservative side of me when it comes to unfamiliar meats – of all things.

After many years, I realized that I can still make new friends. The key is not to get absorbed in any negativity and exhaustion that adult friendships often bring. I discovered a mind of my own. Again. I discovered that the temper still exists but is probably more rational now than ever before.

I discovered a new form of rudeness – sarcasm. Works. So. Well.

I discovered the true meaning of marriage – it’s not all hahaheehee. As long as it is fun, you have nothing to worry about.

I wanted 2012 to be full of happy surprises. You bet it was! For 2013, my only wish is that not a lot changes. Heaven knows I could do with some boring ol’ constancy. 2012, you’ve been good to me. In spite and because.

2013, you have big shoes to fill. But with my newfound positivity, I am sure that won’t be tough.

If I don’t see you again this year, folks – happy new year. In my profession, we live for awesome stories. In my life, I live for good news. I hope my 2013 and yours, is full of both. Cheers and happiness all around!

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