I just lost a long ass post I wrote about my many varied experiences these last 10 days. And I lost the whole post. It had pictures and all. Thank you, WordPress. But I am nothing if not stubborn. And I am also nothing if not lazy. So here’s a summary.

A coffee table book I am super proud of because I am neither a great writer nor a professional photographer and yet, the book is all me. And right now, sitting in over 15000 households across borders. A glossy launch that was so mine, a trip to Penang for work, loving Penang for everything it is – industrial, beachy, colonial, modern, and so full of contrasts. Eating meats whose names I didn’t ask because I wanted to experience all of it and age is doing weird things to my ability of putting unfamiliar meats in my mouth. But I ate some, squished some, liked some. And ended up with quite an experience. Traveling with locals is a good way to do things you’d probably never do. Like this-

Lok Lok from a hawker stall in Penang. The widest variety of unfamiliar meats I have ever seen.

And Penang, if this is how quiet you are despite being so full of action, I will be back. A weekend there to banta hai (because some things cannot be translated to English).

I’ll be back, Penang.

My house is in a mess and for once, I don’t care because it’s worth it. It is a long weekend and it will all get sorted. All I want for now is to spend some quality time with R.

I have also realized that one can make friends after 25 and one can make people work without being rude. I have more team spirit that I ever thought I did (I have a warped logic for it right now but I won’t get into that because I am feeling unusually positive.)

And the places I belong to warrant much wide eyed wonder and conversation. With taxi drivers to corner office folks. In India, I am from Bihar. Outside India, I am from India. Instant conversation starters I tell you! And for that alone, home is home is home and I will be on my way in 5 days. Can. Not. Wait.

If the summary is so long, imagine what I first wrote. Sigh. But for now this is good enough. I have a lot of slothing to do. Off I go, then!

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