A life update that says a lot without saying anything

A Purple Haze-sque adda has been found in KL, ladies and gentlemen! After 8 months (wow – it has been that long!) of going to pubs that play dhinkachika or not-so-bad-stuff-but-it’s-just-not-rock, R and I finally found a pub that serves chilled beer, has the perfect fries, and plays our kind of music, and a band that I could die for. Presenting to you The Backyard Pub and Grill and Blister. They said Backyard was for the older set – and I believe in acting my age, and I couldn’t be happier. We were surrounded by headbangers in their late 20s and early 30s and even 40s, beer happy men and women who know good music when they hear it. And Blister was legendary (why else would they open for the Slayer concert?. Those guys are so out there on the stage and they look like they are having a blast. No metal band pretence there – just good, ol’ hard rock and a lot of smiles – just the way I like. The husband, in his drunken stupor, hugged the guys and told them we are following them everywhere they go. I am counting on it, because if you knew my husband, you’d know he has great taste in most of life’s important things – me, for instance.

I had been wanting to write about this over the weekend, but I spent my Sunday shopping instead. It’s awesome how much fun I am having shopping for the India trip. For every little thing I buy for family, I buy two things for myself. My cupboard is fast getting full of nonsense, colourful clothes that I will not touch once I come back from India. But you get the most awesome stoles here. So yay! Mid Valley is God’s way of telling me that I am not making full use of my time here in KL. I worked in Mid Valley for a few months before my office moved far away from all malls and it took me a trip back to Mid Valley to realize how much nonsense shopping I had missed out on. Yes, I no longer work in an economic zone but I guess that’s going to make me shop more. Earlier I used to spend my weekends thinking I’ll probably shop on weekdays and on weekdays I just got too tired/ lazy to shop. I am glad I don’t really have a choice now but to shop when I need to shop. Which is every month. Because in my profession, you can never have enough atas (yes, I even use local slang now – that is how much at home I have been feeling. Irrespective of the crap I recently got about having to adapt. I don’t think I know anyone who can adapt to situations as well as I do. This a new improved version of me and I love it very much!) clothes for all those evening launches over wine and air kissing. Did I tell you I love my job? I do, because left to my own devices, I’d probably just be too lazy to find out what these wine and air kissing evenings, and atas evening wear is all about. You can go to Backyard in good ol’ blue jeans and white kurta you know. And I realize now that this shit is actually a lot of fun. Mad, unstructured, mad again, but when a job’s done well and you walk out of the party with your head held high, dying to get our of your heels and jazzy clothes, you know it’s frikking worth it. So – so far so good. I hope I say this on Friday night too.

Oh and thank God for this blog. The husband’s traveling and this is everything I have been wanting to say since last night (oh who am I kidding – I want to say a lot more about that adapting business but I guess that will just have to wait.) and I am glad I spilled it out here. Now I can sleep in peace and go fight my demons tomorrow with all I have. Dear week, bring it on. Thanks to Backyard and Blister and the Sunday shopping spree and the many awesome realizations about the awesomeness that is me, I am ready to take you on. Head first.

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2 Responses to A life update that says a lot without saying anything

  1. hAAthi says:

    You sounds SO happy :D
    Im happy for you. And thats pretty much all I need to say right now.


  2. Tamanna Mishra says:

    :D I am happy and a little pissed off with some things. But in retrospect, none of it matters. So yes, mostly happy.


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