Under a rock is a wonderful place to be.

Haathi just wrote this and few other posts recently and I am inspired to do a cocoon post of my own. This has been on my mind for a while but somehow this weekend, I am on a roll.

More often than not, KL is sizzling hot and not in a nice way*. Now anybody who knows me, knows I don’t do summers too well**. Bangalore got hot for a couple of months in a year – and those 2 months saw me fighting with auto drivers, bloggers, husband, and a lot of others I met/ spoke to (not proud of it). This probably also explains why I usually lose friends in April. I kid you not. I think I am usually just about getting used to the heat in April. January is nice and pleasant even in Bombay, February and March remain not so bad. But by April, summer almost arrives and I don’t know what hit me. And so, I fight. So when I came to KL and realized that I was going to be stuck with heat for most part of the year, I was scared. Mostly for people around me. Then again, I think I have grown up a great deal these past few months. I lose my temper at the drop of a hat still, but I don’t get bloodshot eyes and I don’t feel like yelling. So yay me. This probably also has a lot to do with not watching and getting inspired by Arnab Goswami every night. How? I will tell you.

Now back home, by 10 pm at night, I’d fiddle with the remote control and switch to channel 300 by default. It was more about habit and easy accessibility in the garb of wanting to be informed. See, deep inside I am the kind of person who doesn’t care two hoots about being informed. I’d rather believe that there is nothing wrong with the world. It is a horrible thing to say, I know. But whatever rocks my boat, right? Somehow when I read the same stuff on online portals, it doesn’t quite outrage me enough. I no longer care about Anna Hazare and I read about local outrage in newspapers here but it is not close enough to the place I call home and it is easy to turn the page – literally.

So now, when I wake up to a beautiful morning, one where the sun is shining somewhere in the distance, there is this wonderful breeze pregnant with rain, and the clouds are waiting to explode, I really do believe that all is right with the world. I don’t have a newspaper telling me otherwise, and Arnab Goswami is not available on 300 by default and outraging at any time. I can choose to watch downloaded content and Indian Idol 9because seriously – who wants to hunt down a link and play it on TV after so much trouble just to see an angry man who is neither Amitabh Bachchan nor Ajan Devgan?), people are usually happy on Facebook, and I find myself hardly logging on to Twitter because I am just not angry about anything.

You see, under a rock is a wonderful place to be. I can talk about free media a whole lot – but it is not because I appreciate the outrage and humdrum it creates inside me. I don’t and I don’t want to care. I am happy this way. Sue me!

*KL is getting increasingly pleasant these last few weeks. I think it is because I am used to the heat now and quite well rested today. How else can you explain that at 31 degrees at 1 pm, I think it’s a beautiful morning? This might change on Monday – consistency in love and happiness is not one of my strengths : p

**I still love Bombay – love works in weird ways.

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One Response to Under a rock is a wonderful place to be.

  1. hAAthi says:

    I have to agree with you.. I think the world is going batshit crazy at the speed of light and sometimes I wish we didnt have newspapers..

    KL in the rain sounds wonderful, you lucky thang!

    And I wish you blogged more often. I like it that youre on a roll here :)


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