Mamma, I am coming home!

Yes, I am. In exactly 20 days from now, I will be on that flight to Calcutta and I can’t think of much else. Except of course a car that I have grown to love and launching which here in Malaysia will probably be the highest point of the last 5 years that I have been working. If it goes well. And hell, it will.

So yes, while the first thought when I think of this vacation can’t not be food – insane amounts of mutton curry, paneer, daal, fish curry and bhindi, roti like it should be, elaichi chai that appears on the dining table when you laze out of your room at 8 in the morning, poori, aalu paratha, and vada pav, the other thing right up there on my agenda is shopping. Yes, I have friends telling me KL is awesome to shop. It is, no doubt. Only I don’t wear most of the clothes they sell here. Somewhere down the line from a clumsy, badly dressed teenager and a horribly dressed 20-something, I suddenly seem to have developed some sort of “personal style” (ha. ha.). Who would have thought! I mean I have been picking up random stuff here but nothing that really makes me crazy. No handlooms, no khadis, linens that I can ill afford. I am beginning to like this place, but you get the best clothes in India. Clothes that I can carry, afford, and love. Anokhi, Cotton Cottage, Cotton World, Fab India, Swasha, Linking Road, Causeway – drool.

If you have anything to add, places in Bombay that will let me shop enough for the rest of the year (good, not exorbitant stuff), let me know. I can. Not. Wait.

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7 Responses to Mamma, I am coming home!

  1. hAAthi says:

    oh wow.. lucky you!! going home to your momma! and you just listed out there all the places i shop at, for all the same reasons you listed out.. including the fact that Ive evolved from a clumsy dresser to a i-dont-really-care dresser to someone who has her own style. and no the chicita style of today is not me and i MISS anokhi.. we have a fabindia here, i dunno how long its been since youve been to one, but Im mightly meh’d out by fabindia these days. ordinary, ordinary stuff for exorbitant prices..and the quality control sucks bollocks.. buttons pop, colours fade in 2 washes and theres no consistency in styles and sizes.. pah!

    happy countdowning to your time home.. i know it can be most frustrating to focus on work! good luck with that teehee


    • Tamanna Mishra says:

      Hmmm.. I think I know what you are saying about Fabindia. Especially the bleeding colours bit. Frustrating it is, especially after the kind of money you pay for their stuff. But Fabindia is anyway always on the list – something to do with nostalgia and the fact that Fabindia helped me find my “personal style” many, many years ago. Sigh!

      About work – not so frustrating. Yet. It’s a full weekend and it’s going to be MAD. But I am sort of excited. Yes, I am an idiot like that!


  2. darkcomedy says:

    Oho, funtastic. Let me think about the shopping places. I’m usually buying my kurtas and linens from the same stores over and over again, and they are already in your list (fabindia, anokhi). Also, how many days are you going to be here and please do let me know if you’d like to meet :) I know family visit after so long can be a busy time, so I’ll leave it up to you. Excaiitteed for you.. specially the food bit. I’m always still behaving like a starved bhukkad every time I go home to Delhi. Something about it being mayka? Haha. Lots of love. And the very best for the launch!


    • Tamanna Mishra says:

      Think, think hard and let me know. I’ll be there for about 7 days. And I really want to meet you. But I really don’t know if it’s going to work. Like you said, family visit after so long – it’s been 2 years since I went to “mayka”. I really hope we can somehow make it this time.

      Also, mayka is AWESOME. Somehow it is the most relaxing vacation ever, all those beach and hill holidays notwithstanding.


      • darkcomedy says:

        Yes yes, let me know! Also, for shopping options, have you tried Cottons in Bandra near Lilavati? I think you might like it. Or Raw Mango, which is available at Good Earth.. it is definitely on the exorbitant side, but sometimes you can find nice prints and styles. Will be back with more, if I recall more.


  3. R says:

    If you have a good tailor who can make you some good kurtas, I can send you some lovely fabrics. Cotton ones, very Fab- India-ish (you know what I mean). Let me know.


    • Tamanna Mishra says:

      I know what you mean.. But hardly enough time to get kurtas done. The good tailor I know in Bombay is always overloaded :( Next time, maybe.


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