That kinda anniverary

For two years after I got hitched, I was a die hard advocate of marriage. But this year, I know it is not just fun and games. Now the only thing I truly advocate is doing it for the right reasons – like knowing that you can and want to be friends and go through life with the person who makes you weak in the knees. All of that. Together. Because when the going got tough, and things didn’t make sense, there was this cloud of uncertainty, and when it finally got clear, there is a whirlwind of mad, mad volumes of work and an insane amount of adapting to do. It is still not over. And when things look like this, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I am going home to the rightest guy ever. The one who listens like a rock to all the cribbing I am capable of, talks all the sense in the world (or nonsense – and both make my day), and when the time is right, asks me to snap out of it. 2 people as different as chalk and cheese, and imperfect in so many ways, it is amazing how much our lives have fallen into a pattern, these moves, these movements that are so unbelievably in sync and yet not. This marriage, it is a whirlwind of passion, and yet it is unbelievably calm. It surprises me that it has only been 3 years.

It is that kind of anniversary.. There is going to be no celebration (not yet at least), we are both working our asses off. It is going to be Friday night and it will not even be like the other awesome, happy high Friday nights that are turning out to be our first tradition as a family. And if that isn’t bad enough, I am working through the weekend.

But what is awesome is that I know that there will/ may not be any celebration till next weekend, but the man and the marriage are here to stay. And I couldn’t thank my stars enough.

Happy anniversary, my rightest guy ever. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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2 Responses to That kinda anniverary

  1. hAAthi says:

    Oh wow. Happy 3rd! This post could have been written by me. The chalk and cheese. The whirlwind of change. The uncertainty juxtaposed by the one thing that is most certain. The perfect imperfections. All of it. All. All.

    Have a blast, even through the mad working and the working weekend :)


  2. Richa says:

    Agreed..! Marriage is the most wonderful of all friendships that can ever be. N you know you are with the rightest guy when it keeps getting awesomer over the years :D ! Happy belated ann. :)


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