The ground beneath my feet

I am finally completely financially independent here. The ONE thing that I had been really worried about, is now taken care of. Job, work permit, and finally, a bank account. Now I am done! I have a long post due on how an expat wife with no relevant skills (yes, I don’t think too highly of myself ya right.) can find The Job, and get done with related paperwork in Malaysia without depending on hearsay. Mainly because most of the things you read and hear and begin to believe, are wrong. But today, I don’t feel like talking about serious stuff.

Today I want to talk about this newfound love I have developed for shoes. Anyone who knows me in real life, also knows that I am a very chappal person. I graduated from ugly black Nike sneakers (the only type of shoe I had in college. I bought 3 pairs over 4 years and they were all the same) to chappals 5 years ago. The most colourful things I wear are chappals. Kolhapuri – silvery, coppery, bright blue, red. Jute. Embroidered. Osho. The works. I used to hate shoes because I felt really confined in them. The best I can do with footwear at a formal do is stilletos. Black. Simple. Easy to wear, easy to breathe in. But then again, anyone who knows me also knows that I am a kurta person. Cotton. Linen. Silk. Kurtas. Chappals. Bliss.

But when you find yourself being thrust into business suits instead of kurtas just so you blend in, and you have always hated how flats and open footwear look with western formals, you don’t really have a choice but to notice shoes in malls. Those red, maroon, black, silken, leather, peep toes, closed, bright blue shoes. My dad used to find my obsession with collecting chappals in the shoe shelf we used to share back in Bombay days, very weird. If he knew my plan for salary days now, he’d probably take me to a doctor.

All I really want is to fill that shoe shelf in my house with shoes this time around. All colours, all brands. I will kill myself with shoe bites, but shoes will be bought. I cannot wait.

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3 Responses to The ground beneath my feet

  1. darkcomedy says:

    Yayyy for shoes. Let’s have shoe conversations. Post pictures. I’m also going shoe shopping soon. SHOE PORN FTW :D


  2. Roxy says:

    A lovely pair of 2.5 inch heels that were procured 6 months ago, finally saw light of day last week. The agony of wearing them though, cannot be described in words (and I am quite sure my client thought I am physically challenged). After half a day in them, I had to chuck them for the comfort of more sensible shoes. I have been depressed since then – will I forever be that girl who stocks up shoes, never to wear them (IF she finds them her size, that is)? I want to see shoe pics. They make for the best kind of pictures.


  3. I hate shoes (like you said, confinement) but am starting to warm up to the idea. I take advantage of the informality in my industry to wear sandals, chappals and galdiators…my current obsession :D


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