Now I know

I am at the brink of completing 5 years of work, 3 of being married, and a decade of adulthood. And it is only today that I know, for sure, that naysayers should be ignored. If someone says something cannot be done, even if it is your own head, just don’t listen. Or pretend you didn’t hear. And move on in the same vein. Because more often than not, the naysayers are wrong. People have many reasons to tell you why something wouldn’t work – bad experiences, too much concern, or the inability to ignore naysayers. Don’t listen to them. Do your own thing. At the end of the day,  that is all that is ever going to matter.

Also, for the nth time on my blog, here you go..


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One Response to Now I know

  1. hAAthi says:

    That logic has held me in good stead, though someitmes it comes with painful consequences. In the end it does however turn out alright, and you learn to stomach the shortlived pain, no?


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