The one where we say touchwood

There are so many “the best thing abouts” on my mind right now, that it is only right to write a post about them.

The best thing about being back at work.. I don’t know.. The 4 pm coffee.. Not being braindead.. Being able to fall asleep at a sane time.. Thursdays (when the weekend is close enough and Monday is far, far away).. The possibilities? It is a very exciting time for me right now. The new workplace is full of possibilities. I am far removed from my comfort zone of bone dry technology PR, the Indian way of working, Indian media. In the last 4 days, I think I have managed to a good job of giving up some of the things that I needed to, to settle in, in a place I have never been in before – in every possible way, and holding on tight to the things that I truly believe in, those that “I” know are my strengths.

The best thing about Linkedin is when a much hated ex-prof, one who was as much a hater as he was hated, sees your profile and sends you a glowing email. You want to tell him something sarcastic in response (I have my reasons, trust me.) and suddenly you decide to take the moral high ground and “thank him for his kind words”. I am either turning into a hypocrite, or I am growing up/ old. You decide.

The best thing about public relations outside India is that people know that there is a lot more to PR than having a media list. Not too many people back home get that. No protecting media lists like your life depends on it, no sir. I could go about this, but this is not the place for it.

I may get a lot of my clothes made out of fabric purchased from shopping streets, I may give up jobs with brand names that seem to mean a lot to a lot of people. But when it comes to clients, brands matter to me. A lot. And right now, I am in the best place that I have ever been in, in this regard.

4 days is not enough time to figure out how I am faring at managing home and work, but when you have a help who actually spends 2 hours cleaning your house everyday, you have little left to worry about. My house looks sparkling clean, thanks to nobody being around to mess things up all day. Cooking, I thought, was going to be a big challenge. But Sunday prep, the strong resolve to eat whatever can get done in 20 minutes of cooking time, and a husband who, on a few days in a week, unwinds in the kitchen, are going a long way in making things easy. Oh and working in an economic zone with pretty much every brand of superstore and clothes and shoes and bags and food connected to the office via walkways, has made things so much easier. I don’t think I need to add that I can’t wait for salary day this time around!

I know. Small things, big “happinesses”. Hasn’t it always been that way on this blog? This might just be beginners luck, but I think I am FINALLY feeling at home here. Funny it takes getting out of home for me to really feel at home!

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One Response to The one where we say touchwood

  1. Envy :P

    But glad you’ve settled in well! :-) as you said, touch wood!


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