Happiness comes in white packages

You know how for most part, most things in my life take epic proportions, and not just in a good way? My relationship with Apple is a little bit like that.

My first ever and only Apple purchase was an iPod shuffle back in the winter of 2007. It made me insanely happy! I used to sleep with it, quite literally. It helped me sit through hajaar lectures where I was short on attendance, through the mindless chatter of new batch mates I couldn’t get myself to really befriend. I was running late in my graduation years, if you know what I mean. Then one day, thanks to my desktop CPU and a mosquito that bit my ankle, I flung my leg into the air and hit the ipod – it came apart. Literally. It is not news that Apple products are not cut out for heavy duty accidents. By that logic, Apple products are not really made for me. So when the time came for me to buy a smart phone, Blackberry was the obvious choice. Only, the cheaper Blackberries suck. They are slow, their plans, expensive. And BBM – too much sho sha for nothing. And the fact that my Blackberry died on me after just a little over one year of abuse at my hands, told me that what I really need is not a strong, iron phone, but just a little bit more alertness.

But in the mean time, I had read a lot about Apple, I know it is not the most fair company in the world. Their phones no doubt look good, but the premium they are charge is probably not worth it. (Yes, I do take the most unimportant things in the world, very, very seriously. And those unimportant things help me make the most important things in my life. If you got me started on freedom and what it really means to me, trust me there will be no stopping me, especially right now.) And then came along Steve Jobs’ death and biography. Needless to say, I love the man. He may not have the best leadership skills, humility, or honesty but we are not looking for a fair politician when we speak of Steve Jobs. The man had an insane amount of passion running in his veins and that alone is enough for me to love him and almost want to be him!

So last Saturday, we went out and spent the kind of money I don’t usually like to spend on cell phones, only because it is an iphone 4s and guess what – in the middle of my plans for 2012 going a little awry and the boredom that has me at wit’s end every minute of every day, a little bit of Steve Jobs in my life is all I needed. If there ever was a man who dealt with change like a rockstar, it was him. Yes, the phone has a great processor, sexy camera, great looks, and the aspirational quotient of a holiday home in the Himalayas in my middle class head, but what it really is, is something that I desperately needed to feel better about my life right now. Just like that ipod shuffle I bough back in the days of desperate loneliness and dealing with change. GO IPHONE – I am never switching loyalties again. At least right now I don’t think I am.

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One Response to Happiness comes in white packages

  1. hAAthi says:

    Oh welcome to the club :) and once you’re on the Apple side you can never go back. Trust me. It took me aeons to move form PC to Mac, but once I did I couldnt figure how I managed on a PC. using a colleagues PC sometimes makes me feel like a spazz. And then came the iPhone which is like carrying around a little bit of the awesomeness with you all the time. When I first got it I couldnt sleep, I’d mess around and fiddle and download apps into the night. Serious addiction it is.


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