What’s up?

Here’s what’s up. Moving homes and being terribly enthused by the idea of good housekeeping can truly take the fun out of discovering a new place. Or it can put the fun in discovering a new place – doing it like the locals sort of thing. It depends on how you look at it. This move to KL is nothing like a travel itinerary and I have still only seen the Twin Towers from my balcony! Instead, I have checked out the Ikeas and Juscos and Tescos of the world, and I have acquired plastic dabbas and rice cookers and glasses, and cereals I remember from my voyages with Dad, when I should ideally be buying shoes and bags and clothes! I am in foreign land, after all. And shopping for clothes and bags and shoes is all I seem to remember from those “foreign holidays” from not so long ago. But after over two years of keeping a house and wondering how I will ever get adept at it without a house help who would cook and clean, and other such pleasures of being in India, I seem to have learned quite a bit. Without really knowing I was! So here we are, a fully set up kitchen and laundry and bathrooms and bedrooms and living room and dining area, with no help whatsoever.

We have started cooking and we even had our first guest at home today. I achieved what I can only imagine my mum do – I fed an outsider on my survival food. R made some aalu bhujiya, I made some rice and palak daal and we had a bloody good meal ready. In a first, we actually fed a guest without having to order anything from outside and that is quite an achievement! In other news, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of some really, really good company. Over the last couple of years, most of our friends moved out of Bangalore and R and I pretty much only had each other for company. And we loved every bit of it. Now suddenly, there are all these people around us that we actually have things in common with and we are having a bloody good time. Over chai and drinks, Indian restaurants, Malaysian mamaks, shared histories, new associations, pretty random conversations, lots of music, and anda bhurji, I am beginning to connect with normal, flesh and blood human beings apart from the husband and that is a very good sign. I did say that 2012 was going to be a year about people and I am keeping my promise. The warmth won’t let me not do it. I hope.

I still haven’t started job hunting and I am in no hurry to. I am taking one day at a time and my deadline is the day I see the Twin Towers. It doesn’t quite make sense to not see anything travel and holiday worthy before starting a job or the process of looking for one. Yes, I am making excuses but I am loving being a homebird and having a social life and not having to worry about hang overs so much that I am procrastinating. It is not such a bad thing, this unemployment. To think that I couldn’t stop worrying about it just a couple of weeks ago!

I am around. Things are happening. Too many. And not everything can be put down in words. But overall, I am loving this starting afresh business – it is highly, highly recommended. I am around. Things are happening. Too many. And not everything can be put down in words. But overall, I am loving this starting afresh business – it is highly, highly recommended.

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One Response to What’s up?

  1. hAAthi says:

    Good on ya babe! That sounds so wonderful! And reminds me so much of my move to Goa, where I started from scratch too, all by myself without any help. And the thrill of feeding the first house guests was so good! I hear ya.
    Theres nothing like a sabbatical like the one youre on. I would take my time with that job. Its not going anywhere :)


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