‎”There’s no way of knowing for sure where the safest place is. So the best you can hope for is to have some good company.” Ted Moseby, HIMYM S6, 2011

It’s amazing how sitcoms can be so profound sometimes.

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  1. PURN!MA says:

    Man!! I sooooooo love the Malaysia skyline pic that u have put up…. makes me want to go there! :)


  2. Ninia says:

    Hi, I am so happy to meet another HIMYM lover. Of all the shows that I have watched over a period of a few years, HIMYM has been a big surprise for managing to be funny and profound at the same time. I will never forget the episodes where Marshall's father dies. And also the one where Ted loses his job.


  3. DI says:

    Amen to that. Ooh, and lovely header! :D Are you already there?


  4. Tamanna says:

    Thanks DI, but no.. I am still in Bangalore and going to Wayanad over the weekend yayy! :D Lifted the picture off the internet :D


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