"Home alone" explains this

R is traveling on work. He does not do this often. In the last couple of days, I got an idea of how my life would have been if I was still single. I am quite sure that I would have moved out of Bombay sooner than later, married or single. I am glad it did not come to this. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a problem with being alone, at least for most part I don’t. But it is just so much better when there is a friend to come home to. Or in our case, a friend who comes home to me. Because boy he works long hours! (I have been meaning to write about work life balance for a while. The new, improved version. I will, one of these days.)

So there. For all my lectures (mostly to myself) on emotional independence and not needing a man to pay my bills, I am glad I have one. And the best part is that it is really not about paying the bills. It is more than that. Much, much more. But what did the 24 year old feminist in me know then!

Anyway, so needless to add that I have been a little bored the last few days. And I don’t read others when I am bored. I read myself. Because few people can entertain me more than I entertain myself *parentheses OD alert* (especially when some of the more interesting people I knew (notice the past tense) have plagiarized content (in horrible grammar, no less!) on their now shut down blog (Yes, I am cheap. I was itching to say this :P)). I was reading my old blog posts saved in text documents and I came across something extremely interesting. It was a wishlist for the ideal man. If I would have asked for Farhan Akhtar the day I wrote that post, I would have been married to him right now. But alas! And no, I am not complaining. Farhan’s voice is more annoying than the R’s OCDs. So there!

Here you go.. Unedited and cringe-worthy in parts, as usual.

The endless eternal quest…

… Of finding the perfect man… I know… I just used an oxymoron there. The Perfect Man exists only in Class 10 fantasies! But then again, what’s life without some hope?

Just how difficult is it to find a man who’s comfortable with the independent strong opinionated women we are, but is willing to be our knight in shining armour when we need one?

Someone who will understand our need to be fiercely possessed by our work on most days,but completely understand when 10 years down the line, we want to take a break to spend more time with the kid(s)… Someone who can drive (or rather, ride.. Get?) at 160 on the highway at 3 in the morning and be secure enough to be the pillion rider when we crawl through the narrow lanes of Goa on a sunny afternoon… Someone who can charm our friends and our sisters and our moms in a minute and be great friends with our dads and brothers… Someone who effortlessly becomes a part of our day to day existence (It works both ways, mind you, we’re not saying we wouldn’t want to do the same!), whether it’s driving to the beach cottage or eating khichdi and sleeping the weekend away… Someone who, once in the blue moon, parties like there’s no tomorrow and is still completely at ease spending time with our extended families… Someone who cracks the worst jokes, instigates us and can still have the most meaningful conversations with us… Someone who listens to rock and tapri music, all at the same time…

Someone who is our emotional strength when need it the most, and trusts us enough to let us return the favour without thinking of it in those terms… Someone we can see ourselves do mundane things with, like catching all the re runs of Friends and Bollywood gossip shows with… Someone we can talk to constantly, about nothing in particular, and still be completely comfortable watching the sunset with so many words unsaid and still understood between the two of us (Thus speaketh the hopeless incurable romantic in me!! :P)… Someone we want to go that extra mile for and NOT think of it as a compromise at any point?

Are we asking for too much? Or are we still living in the 60’s and just like to call ourselves Modern Indian Women? Or maybe we aren’t looking hard enough.. LOL! I am sure it’s the last option! I always like to end on a happy hopeful note. :)

Disclaimer: This is NOT an exhaustive list of the traits we look for in men… A few points added here, a few points less there… It’s just a very general picture of the kind of long term committed relationship (not the man.. the RELATIONSHIP) we look for. And on a lighter note, what it definitely is NOT, is a matrimonial ad. LOL!

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3 Responses to "Home alone" explains this

  1. chellsie says:

    perfect man. oxymoron! hahaha!!! i like!! :D


  2. Thakur says:

    “(especially when some of the more interesting people I knew (notice the past tense) have plagiarized content (in horrible grammar, no less!) on their now shut down blog.” Hahaha. I'm intrigued. Are you talking about me? ;D


  3. Tamanna says:

    Thakur Shut Up. I am talking about someone I know from college. Will explain in detail offline :P


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