This, that, and more

You know how things have a way of sorting themselves out? I have always known this, and I still worry out of my skull over nearly everything. I worry till that moment when suddenly the pieces of the puzzle fall in place, things sort themselves out, and so do people.

Here’s to a good Monday. And a brilliant week ahead! Left a really good weekend behind, and I am sorted again. With a trip to Kerala, and a drive to Coorg to plan for, 2 big days in June, just enough work in office, and hopefully the parents’ trip to town around the corner, I have my hands full.

Oh and how can I forget. Mum as usual was on about how it is “high time I had a baby” over the last weekend. She got me thinking about it (again) and I dozed off somewhere in between the whirlwind of planning, calculating, day dreaming, and wondering if it really was time. I got up with a start after a scary dream – that I had a baby and no maternity leave and everything was in a mess. Clients called endlessly, baby cried non stop, and husband had a long day at work. I cried (in the dream), woke up sweating, and I know I am not ready for motherhood. Far from it. If there ever was a sign, this was it. Motherly instincts will be shelved again, for the next couple of years. The whole thing is more scary than I thought. 

Coming back to reality and the right here right now, I may not blog so often. I don’t think I blog if I am not feeling any extreme emotion – fury, sadness, ecstasy, humour (!) – and I pretty much always feel at least one of the 4. I have to admit that blogging is losing some of its fun for me, long overdue too after almost a decade. I can’t promise not having endless nonsense originate from my end of the WWW, but who knows. For now, I will leave you with a song. This might just be the first time I have really liked this song, the first time I managed to “get” it. Who says a stable relationship takes the romance out of music (I did –  a couple of weeks back). There is a song for every day. Too much mush? Ah well :)

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3 Responses to This, that, and more

  1. Good Thoughts shared nicely



  2. Hi Tamanna,

    My name is Purva Iyengar. I visit your blog to read your posts so often, that now it almost feels like a serial I am following. This time it took me a whole to come back and I was thinking – “Parents-in-Laws chale gaye honge kya..” and here you are contemplating baby and what not.

    I can relate to your posts, and so many times you echo my thoughts and feelings.

    I wish I could write like you. Sometimes I feel like hacking your posts and tell people I wrote them.

    Wish you all the very best in life and career, and lots of love.


  3. ~G says:

    Lol ! I think those scary baby thoughts are everywhere. It's a bug I tell you :)


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