Sometimes it gets too much. This whole deal with responsibility. Of having to ensure that work gets done. At work, at home. It is on days like this that I wonder what it was about living with parents in that home in Patna that used to motivate me so much to do all I could to get out. I didn’t know I was opening Pandora’s box when I wanted to grow up fast and start a life of my own. Independence. Freedom. Grossly overrated. Right now all I want is to go back in time, sit at the dining table with food that I didn’t have to bother about. And ma and her big warm hug before bedtime. Growing up sucks. Responsibility SUCKS. I want a holiday and I want it now.

I hate summer. It gives me the worst kind of growing up pangs.


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3 Responses to

  1. Sumira Khan says:

    Responsibility SUCKS. Big time.


  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    don't worry gal, this too will pass…
    chill :)


  3. Arunima says:

    eh, i have been lobing it as my flowers are in bloom.


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