.. is what defines my state of mind the last few days. Work, home, helpless bimbos who don’t know how to use search options – anywhere (yes, even a 5 minute interaction with them wears me out more than a full day of work, I kid you not), in laws, clients, prep – for meals and meetings, events and teerth, cook, maid, and us. When I am not doing something, I am thinking about it. Summer is suddenly here. It is not funny how tired I have been all week, and how I can feel all the muscles in my body revolting, asking me to get stoned and sleep for 15 hours straight. In a place where there is no doorbell, phone, conversation, Outlook, people, cricket matches. Just pin. Drop. Silence.

And there will be no respite from all this for a while. Am I complaining? Not right now, although I have been treading the edge on and off. For most part I am exactly in between having a blast and ranting, and it is not a bad place to be in. Right now seems like a good time to grow up.

See you around.

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2 Responses to Mania

  1. S says:

    I don't know how u'll react to this.. but I happened to come to your office a few weeks back. For a project. And I saw you. Was in dilemma whether I should 'meet' you. But. Of course I didn't. Thought you might freak out.

    Why am I telling you this now?
    Just like that.



  2. Tamanna says:

    Arre you should have! Internship? Man, you really should have! Who did you meet there? Drop me a line..


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