The one where we talk. And talk. And talk..

… Koi sune ya na sune.

Happy Saturday, blogsville? How has everyone been?

How have I been? Let us see. Duniya ka naara. Lage raho. So from the time I open my eyes in the morning to the time I go to sleep really late, a horrible habit I have not been able to shed since my days of youth in that girls’ hostel in Sinhgad, Pune, all I seem to do is lage raho. Weekdays are crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. With work and home, I always seem to be thinking about what I need to do next. I never thought in my entire life that my life will start with an alarm clock. That was precisely the reason I chose to pretend about always wanting a job and not a career. The vicious circle in these things is that a good job is often like a relationship. The minute one gets into it, they start thinking what will happen 5 years later. So it does look like I finally have a career, not just a job. Because I am in this for good. Unless of course I get dumped or something. But here is the thing. I make sure I never get dumped. I usually don’t overstay my welcome. I run, switch, get bored way before my welcome gets over. Is it going to be different this time around? It is too soon to say, but I would like to believe that that answer is “yes”. (Yes, I am still talking about work – I have this OCD I can’t really get rid of, please bear with me).

So after 5 days of March Past (that I used to hate in school and to think we had to do it only once a week) in sync with the alarm, the phone calls, the emails, and the calendar, there is no better feeling in the world than to sleep in with nothing to wake you up. Of course there is that little issue of the call bell. And the aunty. And the day I am happy with a sink full of dirty dishes that I need to wash because aunty is on leave and I got to sleep, is the day I realise that I really have been tired. Also because my chronic 80 year old woman’s cough is really taking the energy out of me and there really seems to be no better way to handle it than a couple of spoonfuls of Corex and that elusive 11 hour sleep.

You can see I don’t have anything to talk about. The husband is at work. And my new year resolution is to be an understanding wife because obviously R doesn’t like going to work on weekends. Believe me, it is so obvious! So yes, I am going to be the understanding wife and at long last, after one and a half years of being married, maybe I will take his credit card and go shopping on the weekends that he works. If that doesn’t solve this little problem of him being so taken in by work, nothing will. Understanding wife is me :D

I just realised that one of the best things about maintaining relationships is that you are never without a maid. An old aunty turned up to clean the dishes and the house. Right now I love her more than beer and biryani.On that note, and not because they will EVER clean the dishes for me (I do know that sometimes there are better other reasons to maintain relationships too), I also reconnected with two long lost friends recently. On gtalk and Facebook and phone of course. Reconnecting in person is not really my scene. I am beginning to think that maybe even connecting in person is not my scene. Why, there is no pressure of talking on cue when you communicate digitally, right? You can think and talk. No relationships get spoiled there, no? Now to learn the art of thinking before speaking in person too.

Biryani reminds me that I finally feel “accepted” at the work place. There is nothing worse than going to office and not being able to do TP. It probably used to make me more efficient and definitely way more bored. Mixed feelings are not my thing.

And then there is Flipkart. That I love. It is such a necessity to have another story running parallel to mine. So with things as diabetic as The Bachelor on TV and the utter failure in finding anything as awesome as 24 and Prison Break on piratebay and HIMYM’s current season still not being available to download in bulk, I have taken to books like times when I did not own a TV/ broadband connection. #nowreading The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I have just started it, and I think this book explains Barney’s character better the show itself. Trust me to somehow connect the dots. Even in school, my connected dots looked nothing like what they were intended to look like.

And then there is that little thing about my birthday gift. The Blackberry. *insert a lot of yayyyyys here* because left to my own devices, I would never ever go beyond a 5K Nokia. Ever. But here is the thing. I like to use the Blackberry more than I like to talk about it. *smug grin* and all that.

I thought about going for a movie alone today. I used to do it every weekend during my Bombay days but for the last year and a half, I generally had company when I wanted it, and though I hate to admit it, my taste in movies seems to have evolved a little bit. It is a little difficult to get rid of that now, isn’t it? So none of the movies running in the theatre seems to excite me. Definitely not Turning 30, because for one, I don’t really have any angst about turning 30, because it is still a few years away. And there are those other reasons too. But the most important bit is that Gul Panag’s Twitter profile explains very well everything that is wrong with the world right now. The propagation of mediocrity. She is dense. Really! I don’t understand why so many smart women (and some smart men) profess eternal love to that extremely dumb mediocre actress/ beauty pageant winner. According to her, tweeting from the web symbolizes an Orkutiya. Spare me the pseudo elitist bullshit. I prefer reading Kamaal Khan’s tweets. I honestly do. So the bottomline is that I will probably wait for movies running in the theatres right now to release on Airtel Digital. And then maybe not watch them. Because honestly, what the hell was wrong with Peepli Live and Guzaarish. Or what the hell was wrong with me that I didn’t like them one little bit?

So maybe I will spend my Saturday on the computer and plonk myself in front of the TV and enjoy the weekend bliss of complete lack of action. And wait for Saturday evening for my life to get better. In the quintessential Saturday way. With beer and extremely loud music. It may not be good for my cough but hell it is awesome for my dimaag ka dahi.

If R was at home or Ma was not out with a friend, I would have probably said all of this in 5 minutes and you would have been spared the trouble of reading about the unimportant things in my life. Bear with me, my dear 2 and a half readers. On some days, I have nothing to write about too.

A leftover thought from a recent spate of drunkenness. I think I concentrate so much on the positives in life that my blog and tweets and FB updates sound like my life is perfect. Be jealous. Be very jealous. Because that is the complete, unadulterated truth of my life. In spite of the boredom-to-death state of affairs at this moment.

See you around!

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4 Responses to The one where we talk. And talk. And talk..

  1. how on earth do i send u an image i have for you? can't paste it on the comments…sheesh…will try and mail it.
    neway, happy birthday. and yeah, the domestic help is ur best friend. and if she ain't, you shd quickly buy her a friendship band and watever else she wants, coz dude, she is the most important person in every woman's life.


  2. Tamanna says:

    AGG, mailing you in a couple of minutes. And the domestic help is my best friend. In the famous words of Brad Womack, both of us feel the feeling :P :P


  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    hehehe what a combination of random things :D
    these days without maid its impossible to survive :D


  4. DI says:

    Ok, dare anyone say I ramble a lot anymore! Man, you broke all my records!
    On the side, so much info! I am loving it :D And stay happy and chirpy! :D


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