What makes a Saturday morning so special

… An early start. Knowing that there are a full 48 hours before the motions set in again.

… The smell of adrak chai, Mint Lounge, and phenyl in the pochha :D

… The freshness of morning, and plans for the day.

… A haha heehee conversation with Ma and Dad. On the phone. Where Ma makes me proud yet again, for finding something she loves doing. And it does not involve making younger people awkward on Facebook. Instead she has found something unbelievably constructive and noble. My rockstar Ma!

… My dad waxing eloquent to R about the wonders of his newly acquired e-cigarette. And how R should also get one. The expression and desperate attempt to change topics on this side of the phone was awesomely hilarious! I belong to a family where people don’t smoke or even talk about it, in front of elders. And everyone has always respected that all these years. But with R, dad is a different man. And even more adorable!

And the peace and quiet and a complete lack of urgency that makes weekends so special.

On an aside, we seem to have found the perfect way to save – barter system is back in style. So now we spend money on each other. Speaker for clothes, clothes for speaker sort of thing. Not that we end up saving any more than we used to. But at least there is no guilt! Try it. It is good for the holiday spirit!

On to my shopping weekend.

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5 Responses to What makes a Saturday morning so special

  1. Have a blast shopping. And I totally endorse the barter system too, though it makes for a poorer household in the end :D


  2. Scarlett says:

    Saturdays = Possibilities. You wake up & the entire weekend is lying in front of you. You can do whatever you want…eat, sleep, watch movies, read, vegetate, SHOP :)


  3. Ramya says:

    I like the barter system idea. It shall be implemented around these parts.


  4. Weekends are the wonderful part of living! They charge the energy of life. Nice post! Enjoy the weekend living by the way!


  5. piyu says:

    I love saturday mornings :). With regards to shopping, well I end up having to plead my shopping averse to come shopping with me :( :(, so barter really has no place in our household!


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