I have nothing to say, no judgements, no errors in judgement to speak of. No half baked opinions, pathbreaking ideas, no self derogatory (or just derogatory) jokes, no critical illnesses, no mental health issues. No sarcasm, no rants. No boredom. No brimming excitement-over-nothing. No love song in my head, no arguments brewing.

Just a peaceful easy feeling.

Take it from me, I have never felt like this before!

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7 Responses to Unprecedented

  1. piyu says:

    Something wrong? :P :)


  2. :) Then you should write something more. Something about right here, right now.


  3. Harini says:

    Thats a great feeling :).


  4. DI says:

    Ah, lucky you! :) Enjoy it while it lasts!


  5. Rajlakshmi says:

    i wish i could feel that peaceful :)


  6. PURN!MA says:

    That sounds like u attained “ENLIGHTENMENT” :D stay on with it, as long as you can…


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