What to do on a Dussehra weekend in Bangalore – 1

Now that I can steer clear of auto brawls, and R can’t make parking excuses, we finally made it to a puja pandal this year (Indiranagar, 6th Main). After a decade!

The sights and sounds brought back some great memories when year after year, I used to try hard to get out of pandal hopping and eventually used to get dragged along anyway. The best thing about religion is all the festivity that comes with it. So once I got religion out of the way, what else would I do but eat? So I ate.


And laung latas.

Among other things at the mela. And what a mela it was!

Whether or not you have ever lived in Calcutta, or have spent all your Dussehra vacations there, if you miss the sights and sounds of those 10 days of festivity, pick up your ride. And go!

More on Dussehra later. I am on a festival high!

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2 Responses to What to do on a Dussehra weekend in Bangalore – 1

  1. Oh good! I was there too, btw! on Vijayadashami night.. danced crazily to Usha Uthup and embarrassed family hugely.. so awesome :) Did you go to the Koramangala one? I ate my weight in rolls and mughlai parottas there.. yummm!But now I'm missing it all – the food, the festivities and the anticipation.


  2. Tamanna says:

    Man I missed you by one day.. I was there on navami.. And your trip sounds like fun.. Next time I am coming with u :P Didn't go to the one in Koramangala.. Next year now.


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