I skipped the CWG opening ceremony for our friendly neighbourhood Bigg Boss opening ceremony. Talk about devil and deep sea. So while I will never understand the need for such long song and dance at a sporting event, at Bigg Boss, the word eclectic has taken completely new meanings – a small time thief, a dacoit, a lawyer, a cross dresser, and Salman Butt’s butt-kicker – those are the kind of people that infest the show this year. And the ceremony was easily the most sleazy ever. Salman Khan is a loser now. Can’t stand the man. Rakhi Sawant, whose theatrics seem to get worse with time, should not be allowed to talk/ dance/ be in a family program. It looked like Colors was trying to convince everyone with an iota of brain should continue with their weeknight 9 pm plans and not include Bigg Boss in them. I loved the sleaze of Bigg Boss, but this time, with that strange chai dukaan song and dance, they have really taken it a tad too far.

So now we have two possibilities here – I will either not watch Bigg Boss this year or will not admit to watching it if my life depends on it. Go figure!

Which brings me to The Moment of Truth. While I don’t really have a problem with the concept (it really appeals to the grey in me. The one that is a voyeur and a certified FB spy :P), I have a problem with the host calling then “truthful”. Here is a bunch of people who come on a show with their families, break ties, and pretty much shock the living daylights out anyone who has ever been close to them. And they get labelled “honest” and “truthful” and often “the most honest person in America” because the show paid them big bucks to spill all their secrets, some of which even I wouldn’t want to hear and I am in no way related to them! So there. Call them “winner” or whatever, because thanks to those shrieks and tears that follow on the couch after every other answer, honest is the last thing the contestants on the show are! Why are all Americans (and ALL American companies – yes we are back on this and I will explain the reason on email maybe) so dumb?

Yes, I did watch too much TV over the weekend. Back to the grind now. Oh wait a minute. 1 minute to Bigg Boss :P

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  1. lol@ the one minute to big boss!

    i am a closet big boss watcher…in fact i am worse and watch Emotional Atyachaar and splitsvills and all the mucky serials on the sly …just the Tall One and i…

    Oooh missed the first 5 mins of BB…need to catch it now :D


  2. Meghpeon says:

    I likes! Also, have to start watching Bigg Boss.


  3. Chinkurli says:

    which one of them is the Salman butt kicker? I watched in bit on youtube but didn't see all the contestants :(

    Oh btw if you're making a secret of watching Bigg Boss and all, you can update me by e-mail ;)


  4. piyu says:

    I skipped the ceremony to watch BB too! But seriously WHAT were they thinking? 2 criminals?? At least one of them went out yesterday.

    @Moment of Truth – Mean would be much closer to reality than honest :P


  5. DI says:

    I didn't watch either. I think I was watching De dana Dan. Ok, now kill me!
    I watch Emotional atyachaar, and Splitsvilla and Roadies. Big boss never appealed to me. Though I did watch it for KRK last season!


  6. Preeti says:

    Repeating Chinkurli's question: “Which one of them is the Salman butt kicker?”
    Waise they could have added Kalmadi to the BB House. Everyone with a background is apparently invited!


  7. Not gonna watch it this year.. I think Bigg Boss used to tread an interesting thin line between respectable and raunchy characters every year, and this year they've crossed over to one (no prizes for guessing which) :) I hate Moment of Truth.. so obviously made up and no novelty.. there's more dirt to people's lives than just their sex lives.. I wonder what's so shocking anymore.


  8. austere says:

    And I have completely switched my loyalties to Mrs and Mr Sharma Allahabadwaley… until KBC begins, that is.


  9. Tamanna says:

    Salman butt kicker is Salman Butt the Pakistani cricket's butt kicker Veena Mallik, the straight Pakistani contestant on the show. She got Salman Butt into a lot of trouble with the matching fixing revelations.


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