Jimi’s Beer Cafe – Misleading name for a place that plays everything but him

We entrered with Floyd, and we thought we had got it all right. Except that the ground floor seemed a lot like Daily Bread. And here’s how the evening turned out-

The beer seems flat.
Jimi’s special fries. Chewy. Ho hum.
The smoking area is stuffier than usual.
Why are those kids dancing to rock music?
Blllaaah! Stop headbanging to just about anything!
It is 9 pm, will we get some breathing space at Purple Haze at this hour?
Beer cocktails. AAARGH! If I wanted Iced Tea, I’d not have come here!
You can hear me, I can hear me. The speakers aren’t good enough!

This place is awwwwesome!
We are awwwwesome!
This chicken tikka is awwwwesome!
Bangalore is awwwwesome!
Life’s awwwwesome!

You get my point, don’t you? If you are planning a sober evening with only music to bail you out, Jimi’s (Indiranagar) is not the place to go. Because for all the classic rock charade outside, the closest they get to classic/ hard/ psychedelic is one Floyd, one Metallica, and that’s it. The rest is just too much of the Linkin Park brigade. The place is good for cheap beer, some select starters, and for those times you want to get home without an iota of sobriety. 3 on 5 from me – 3 only for the awesome time we generally have, even if you make us sit on the roadside and not give us any beer.

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2 Responses to Jimi’s Beer Cafe – Misleading name for a place that plays everything but him

  1. Ah, you complainer.. I would anyday take Linkin Park over the incessant TECHNO crap I was subjected to. You can't even get drunk with that hammering in your ears.My short review for your Bombay readers: Zenzi Parel is #epicfail (see I even made it rhyme :D)


  2. Tamanna says:

    Ha ha! Yes, yes I know. I hate that place too!


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