What was Aisha thinking?

So I saw Aisha. Or whatever of a movie one can see with half of it at twice the speed, and still leave it unfinished. My first reaction was that I have probably grown too old for a chick flick. Oh wait and minute, it is not a chick flick. Chick flicks are fun! Aisha is just a 3 hour long painful cliche. I can’t even call it stereotypical, because Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky were stereotypical Delhi. South, North. Whatever. It was dumb. Just that. D-U-M-B.

I know at least 10 girls from South Delhi who have 100 times more grey cells than the whimpering Sonam Kapoor and 150 times better clothes than Aisha. A hat, seriously? Why are the makers of the movie so hell bent on proving that girls, South Delhi or otherwise, don’t like to be taken seriously? Oh wait. I don’t think the makers of the movie could think that far, really. And no, Abhay Deol is not the saving grace Aisha. He gets a -1 for this movie. Because he really lowered his bar with this one. And no, he did NOT look cute. Far from it! He looked like his dumb cousin Bobby Deol. Beat that.

And what was so special about Aisha’s wardrobe?! No, really. If you have to talk “hat ke”, you talk Manish Malhotra and what he did to plain jane Rani Mukherjee in Kuch Kuch Hai. Or Urmila in Rangeela. Because that was “changing something”. This is. Just. I don’t know. Nothing? Of course I know nothing about dressing up. What can someone who owns only denims and cotton have to say about “fashionistas”. But logic says if one has to see only the clothes, there are always shops to go to. Or Fashion TV. It still exists, doesn’t it? Why make a whole movie for clothes when probably a flash presentation would do.

Aisha left me depressed at the collective stupidity of a bunch of people of my gender. Those that made this movie, those that acted in it, and those that liked it (and even had the audacity to tell everyone they would like it too). Even Sonam Kapoor’s dad, whoever that actor is, depressed me. But who really broke my heart was Abhay Deol. It will take a revisit to Oye Lucky for me to believe in that stud (un)Deol again. He seems to have come a full circle, from trying to remove himself from the stereotypical Deol family picture, to just doing a Bobby Deol on us.

In my defense, I am not someone who believes in intelligent cinema. I love Bollywood, with all its cliches of the 80’s and 90’s to the jazzy Wake Up Sid to an Ishiqiya to everything Farhan Akhtar does on screen. And everything Govinda does on screen. Hell, give me Partner once again. But spare me the torture that was Aisha.

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6 Responses to What was Aisha thinking?

  1. Agree. And this woman – Sonam Kapoor – she's so over! You'll know what I'm saying if you saw I Hate Luv Stories. If it's possible for you, imagine her 10 times dumber in that one than she manages in Aisha. I'm not going anyone near anything she acts in, again.


  2. Tamanna says:

    Ah. I saw IHLS. And I can't for the life of me remember one thing about the movie. I don't think I have even mentioned it anywhere on this blog. Explains? :P


  3. Preeti says:

    Ouch.I haven't seen the movie, but, in the defence of all South Delhi girls, including moi, we are not dumb. It's not fair to have a whole movie based on that illusion! ;)But tell me something, how were the locales in the movie? :PThey were shot in my Residential complex. with me hanging in the balcony! Hence, I ask. :D


  4. Tamanna says:

    Damn, I was wondering who that was :P Kidding girl. I really didn't notice the locales – I was that shocked by that movie :P"I haven't seen the movie, but, in the defence of all South Delhi girls, including moi, we are not dumb." Exactly what I meant. I know South Delhi girls and dumb girls. And they are not always the same, know what I mean?


  5. Tamanna says:

    Empty.. Yayyy! :D Welcome again! I had read it, yes., I always believed in giving movies a chance and not judging them by what others say. But my recent spate of bad luck in movies might just force me to do it. Ha! Who am I kidding – the good, the bad, the ugly – I will watch it all!Hope all is well? Anything new on the radar? Udaan dekha aapne?


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